Kelly Oliver Dougall runs the company on a day to day basis. Kelly is the one you will meet, discuss work requirements with and who will arrange for the work to be carried out.

Cygnet is the vision of Kelly who has worked with people for over 20 years in various voluntary sector roles. Kelly has worked with a wide range of client groups and loves being able to help people grow and see the positives in even the most dark situations.

Kelly is a qualified person centered counsellor, careers guidance practitioner and has experience working with a wide range of client groups. Wearer of many hats, she thrives when there is a multitude of things happening and so running the business is exactly the challenge she loves.

Stephen Poole

Stephen Poole is a director for Cygnet and is key to enabling the company to stay onside with the authorities. A tax accountant and director at accountancy firm Baldwins in his professional life, he brings key skills to the company management and strategic planning.
Steve also enjoys his choir sessions on a Monday or you can find him in Lost Luggage Room at Monkseaton metro station…. not because he has lost his luggage but so he can find his pint!


Ian Dougall is Kelly’s husband and director and contributes to the company with his bid writing skills.
He keeps the home in order and makes sure Kelly is well fed and watered.
Ian works at North Tyneside VODA as well as being a company director, and you might have met him if you have thought about or participated in any volunteering in the last decade or so.


Ann Moir works with Cygnet by running creative writing workshops. Ann and Kelly first met back in 1999 on a teaching course and they just keep running into each other over the years! Ann and Kelly worked together more recently when Ann facilitated creative writing workshops with clients with brain injury, some of whom struggled with language. The workshops empowered the clients and helped them to express themselves through poetry, song and metaphor. The sessions provided a therapeutic benefit as well as contributing to client rehabilitation journeys.