New Year, New You!

Happy New Year! Have you made any New Years Resolutions this year? If you are, are you struggling to keep them? Well its not surprising really. I found these statistics that show that only 9.2% of people felt they were successful in achieving their resolution, so you’re not alone. Personally, I made a resolution very …

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Resign with Grace

Resign Gracefully

When you are offered a new job it can be tempting to stick two fingers up at the old one and the people you haven’t been seeing eye to eye with and skip off into the sunset. It’s probably not a good idea though because unless your new job is on the moon and you …

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Testimonial about Cygnet – KG from South Shields

I attended a course at South Tyneside CVS and it was an enjoyable experience for me, without added pressure, whilst seeking employment. I’ve been an agency worker for 7yrs after redundancy and finding a permanent contract is challenging, but I’ve done it! The sessions included a diverse group of people, all from very different backgrounds …

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Josephine Ellis - Blue Kayak

Town Planner to Blue Kayak

Told to us by Josephine Ellis I’ve said before that I became self-employed by accident. That’s not entirely true. I became self-employed when, to my great surprise, it presented itself as the best option for me, personally and professionally. I worked in local government for ten years, mostly in roles relating to the environment and …

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From Spanish Beaches to Starting a Business

A Personal Career Journey, told to us by Jackie Latham How I became Jackdaw Web Design Once upon a time, in the days when Windows were things to be cleaned and Apples kept the doctor away, I did a degree in French and Spanish and had an absolute blast.  The opportunity to spend a year …

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Testimonial about Cygnet -IC from South Shields

I contacted Kelly after having been employed in the same organisation for nearly ten years. I was ready to move on but after being out of the jobs market for so long I was very unsure of how to proceed or even where to start. Kelly was recommended to me via a work colleague so …

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Now, Have You Got Any Questions For Us?

It's difficult to think of questions to ask at the end of an interview, but so important to make sure you stand out from everyone else being interviewed. It can give you the edge - here are some potential questions to help you, and to inspire you to think of some of your own.

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