Testimonial about Cygnet – FF in Coventry

I got the job! Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement! I am so relieved and excited too. It’s my last day today, I have the exit interview this afternoon then that’s it. So pleased that I have been offered a job on the day I am being made redundant. FF – …

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Testimonial about Cygnet – JH South Shields

Thank you so much for this help with my CV. As I was updating it I became aware of so many answers I could give at my next interview! It has helped me enormously and given me a lot of new found confidence. I didn’t realise I could cover so many skills, I actually ran …

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Picture Perfect!

Guest Blog, told to us by Gillian Cross I have worked as a photographer for 20 years, which is the whole of my career. That has started to seem quite unusual, when so many photographers fall into the job as a second career path. I chose my A-level subjects because I enjoyed doing them. I …

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The Accidental Administrator

Told to us by Jennifer Brown Yup. I really did get into my dream job by accident. Which just goes to prove that we end up right where we should be, even if that is not where we thought we were actually heading. I was the teenager that caused Careers Advisors to tear out their …

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Career Change When Pregnant

There are many reasons why you might consider a career change when pregnant. If you’re on the outside looking in on an expectant mother thinking about changing jobs you might think it an odd idea – why complicate your life during one of the most transforming experiences through choice? Well, there are a number of …

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