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Career Questions


I was recently asked by Whiteacres Design to answer some questions relating to careers for their goal setting collective.  Here is the result. Do you have questions that I could answer for you relating to careers? I would love you to get in touch with me – I love to connect!

What do you struggle with when it comes to looking for a new job? Is it getting interviews? Where to look for jobs? How to answer interview questions? What to do after the interview? Maybe it’s how to know if you will like the job you have applied for. How to describe why you haven’t been in work for a while. Maybe you are changing direction in your career and want to know where to start.

If this article doesn’t answer your dilemma please do get in touch.
You can email me at – Kelly@cygnetnortheast.com or phone me on 07881294894. I am often out and about so email is the easiest way to let me know you want to chat.


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