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Redundancy – It’s Not the End of the World!

Redundancy – It’s Not the End of the World!


Redundancy – it’s not something people look forward to or hope for.  But if you’ve just found out you’re about to be made redundant from your role – don’t despair! There is help out there. We can provide you with a bespoke service based on what you need and the first appointment is free.  Before you rush off to make an appointment though – please read the rest of the article!

When companies need to restructure, the people involved can feel a range of emotions including shock, upset, anger, joy, relief, dread, worry, panic and confusion.  All of these are normal reactions and its far too easy to feel that it’s personal and that you have done something wrong, your face doesn’t fit or that there is some sort of conspiracy against you.  And whilst this does happen at times, maybe it’s none of those things and it’s just about the company reducing their outgoings.  Whatever the truth is, there is little point in dwelling on this – what you must decide is what to do next.

If you think there has been wrongdoing, is there enough evidence and if there is, are you prepared to spend your time and energy pursuing it or is it best to move on and find an organisation where you and your skills are valued?  The choice is yours and if you aren’t sure, we can help.

Endings are new beginnings! However much you want to hang onto the past and your old job at some point you must accept that this is the end.  The good news is that you have options! Redundancy can be a golden opportunity,but it might not seem like it at first.  You may be entitled to a financial package which will help you manage until you find another job.  Your financial situation and that of the rest of your household will of course determine how quickly you must find another job and I recommend that you seek independent financial advice to determine your exact situation.  Again, we can help with this through signposting to organisations that we have a relationship with and know they offer high quality information and support.

Once you have determined if you are able to relax for a little while and take some time to take stock or if you need to work really hard to find a new job to make sure the bills are covered, you’ll need to decide what to do next.  Is retirement an option?  If it is, how will you spend your time?  Would you like to set up your own business?  Will you need funding, advice or other people to help?  What about jobs?  What job would you love, what will you be happy to do for a short time, and what can you rule out straight away?

Do you need to retrain? Will your employer help towards the cost of training or support to find another job? It is always worth asking what they will help you with.  Are there roles within the company where you could be redeployed?

There are so many decisions to make, it can feel overwhelming.  Whether you are facing redundancy in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s the decisions we face can be overwhelming and we are going through all of the emotions we mentioned earlier! It’s not surprising we might feel like we need help and support to transition from one stage in our career to another.  If that is you and you would like some help, please do get in touch (click here to be taken to our contact page) We would love to hear from you and help you work out what’s next – we don’t tell you what is right for you, we help you reach your own decisions through gentle guidance, a little bit of challenging (if necessary) and a few suggestions that you might not have thought of yet.  We also have an extensive network and can put you in touch with the right organisation, service or business that will help you whatever your circumstances.

Remember – one door closes and another one opens! If you need help get in touch with Kelly today on 07881294894 or email kelly@cygnetnortheast.com

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