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Welcome to the start of an exciting journey.  One in which I know I will be able to offer a service that helps you.  I know what it’s like applying for job after job and hearing nothing back.  I also know what it’s like to build your hopes up before, during and after an interview and then get the news that it’s not for you this time.  It is hard work looking for work and if you haven’t done it for a long time because you have been in the same job for years, or you’ve had a career break to bring up children or look after someone (or you’ve been ill yourself) it can be really daunting.  Sometimes you want to work but are not sure what to do next because of an illness or disability. This is an issue that has come up over and over again with the people I have worked with, and is something I am experienced at helping with.  I will look at what you can do, not what you can’t, but I won’t pressure you into a job that is monotonous or not for you.  I will listen and make sure I understand your goals and aspirations.  Maybe you have just graduated from university and you don’t know where you can go next because you chose a degree that you were interested in but now you don’t know how to move from that and into a job you really want.

Another situation that many people can struggle with or worry about is when the best time to retire is, or what they will do once they are retired.  I have worked in a specialist service for people aged 50+ and can support you with this enormous decision.

There is the other aspect of careers too – which course should I study next?  I have seen so many people study course after course but never actually go on to gain paid employment because they just couldn’t focus. Or the people who have been doing a job for a while but would like to progress but don’t know what they want to progress on to or what to do to discover what opportunities are available.  There are also people who just don’t have the confidence to believe that they are capable of more!

I know what this is like, because I have experienced these types of issues myself, and I have overcome them.  I have also supported hundreds of people over the years to overcome their difficulties in progressing in work or retirement.

There are other reasons that some people end up stuck in a career rut.  Sometimes life can get in the way of achieving all we would like to.  As a qualified and experienced counsellor, I can also help you with any other issues you have in your life.  You might be struggling with relationship issues, it might be to do with housing, it might be debt.  I won’t just sit there and listen and reflect back what you just told me (although this is a very effective method for letting you know I have understood what your problem is)! I will help you put together a plan to overcome whatever it is in your life that is holding you back.  I will work with you to identify what the issues are and what needs to be done to over come them.  I will give as much or as little support as you need.  Because everyone is an individual and there is nothing worse than being put in a box, or encouraged to go on a course because someone else will get paid if you do.  At Cygnet Careers, we are independent and so can support you to explore where you want to go next.  Wherever next might be!

Get in touch on 07881294894 or contact us via email at Kelly@cygnetnortheast.com or on our contact form.

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