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5 Positive Steps to Take While Job Seeking

So you’re out of work for the first time that you can remember! Here are some tips to help you with your job seeking so you can get back to work quicker!


  1. Job search every day and prioritise your applications based on the closing date.
  2. Volunteer – often when people think of volunteering, they think of making cups of tea for older people or working in a charity shop.  There are so many more opportunities than that! Check out Do-It for some ideas for what you can do in your area.  Its a risk free way of trying something you’ve never done before and will show any potential employer that you are motivated to work.
  3. Network – go out and  meet people.  Money may be tight but if you stay at home on your own you will become isolated and your mood will dip.  Also if people know you are looking for work they can tell you about any jobs they’ve heard about.
  4. Don’t narrow your job search too much – if you search by job title you might miss out on the perfect job.
  5. If you are finding it difficult – ask for help! There is no shame in getting someone with the skills and experience to help you, as you are more likely to achieve your goals more quickly than if you struggle on by yourself.


If you have any more tips that helped you when you were looking for work, please share your comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

If number 5 is the number you need to work on, get in touch with us! We can help you.

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