Cygnet Careers

Cygnet Careers works with individual job seekers to help you find and secure the job you want.

Are you in work but know that the next round of redundancy is coming soon?

Are you worried about what would happen if you were made redundant and you lost your job?

Are you worried about money? A loss of status, friendship, structure and well-being?

Have you been in the same job for a long time?

Not sure where to start with your job search?

Confused about the options?

Want a career change but don’t know where to start?

Need help with CV writing?

We work with individuals in your position every day, and we know what it feels like to face redundancy and to worry about money and the future.

Counselling or Practical Career Transition Advice

Some of our clients need emotional support to help them manage their conflicting feelings at this very difficult (but also new and exciting) time of discovery! Other clients don’t want to focus on emotional issues and need more practical advice and help. Whichever of these you are looking for we can help you, as Kelly is a qualified person centered counsellor and careers adviser. She will challenge you but won’t pry into your life if you don’t want that.

Skills to Success

Looking for work and being successful at interview is a different skill set to those you need to be successful in your job. It can be a challenging and demoralising time as you apply for jobs and never hear back. You may have had several interviews but don’t secure that crucial offer.

That’s where we can help.

Kelly is a fully qualified career change consultant and offers:

Job search support
Career change information, advice and guidance
Skills identification
Emotional support for those difficult transitions
A full CV writing service
Interview coaching and help with interview questions
Help to overcome other barriers that might prevent you from being successful in your career change.
Counselling, if your emotions are impeding your progress
Career advice and guidance
Linkedin advice
Personal Statements

We have worked with a wide range of individuals from different backgrounds and situations and have a 96% success rate for progression into volunteering, work and learning. 

If you would like further information please contact Kelly via phone on 07881294894 or email

Are you an employer?

Are you responsible for restructuring within your organisation?
Are you an ethical employer, looking for ways to support your staff to find alternative work?
Looking for Outplacement services?

At Cygnet North East we can;

Work with your staff during periods of restructuring in your business to help them find a new path forward
Help you to avoid costly Employment Tribunals by challenging inaccurate assumptions made by employees leaving your company
Help you to keep your employees motivated and happy through a difficult transition by showing you care about the people affected in your company
Help your staff when they have issues outside of work, so they can get on with the job in hand. This includes counselling and practical problem solving techniques.

Person Centred Support

We work in a person centred way, spending time with your employees enabling them to find their own solutions. This means they are more likely to take ownership of those solutions and follow appropriate steps towards identified goals and outcomes to find alternative work.

Confidential Service

At Cygnet North East we have learnt that fulfilled, happy employees equate to greater productivity, reduced absence and staffing costs a more dynamic workplace. Unlike conventional HR consultation, Cygnet focuses on the employee to achieve this, providing a confidential service and only feeding back agreed information to promote clear communication pathways.

Fostering Trust

Sometimes, employees who are facing redundancy can think that the processes you are using are not ethical.  They might think that the reason for their redundancy is personal. We help to dispel any misconceptions by challenging perceptions that are untrue, to help you to maintain your reputation as an ethical employer.

Affordable Solutions for Ethical Employers

Whatever service you require, we can work with you to provide a package that meets your needs, within your budget.

To find out more or to book an appointment contact us here.