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When Not to Set Goals

When Not to Make Goals

When Not to Make Goals


Most People Set Goals in January

Social media is full of blogs about people setting goals in January.  Many people do think about goal setting and New Years Resolutions.  I posted at the start of the year about (You can find it here!) but today I am going to ask you to consider not making any goals!


The Potential for Drift

If we don’t make goals and we drift through life not really knowing where we are going, that is not a good thing.  The years fly past and we look back on our lives and we realise all of the things we wish we had achieved but didn’t.  Regrets are not healthy.



However, there are times in life where we shouldn’t set goals.  One of those times is in the midst of upheaval and change, although there can be times where necessity means we have to, its not a good idea to base your plans on temporary situations.



Another situation where we shouldn’t set goals is when we are confused.  There are times in our lives (including when we suffer loss – employment, death of a loved one, divorce) when there are so many options that we feel confused.  Its worth (if you can) to stop and be.  Don’t jump into something new – a new job, a new relationship or a house move etc until we have explored.  Maybe we need more information about the choices we have, or we need to wait until something changes before we can make decisions.



This can be really difficult to do.  I find that when I am in a situation of change and I feel that I don’t have very much control over the situation I want to act.  I want to change it and make it right by working harder until I can make it right.  But I have learned that sometimes the best thing to do is to let the situation unfold.  Of course it’s not a good idea to let things happen all of the time and be a helpless victim of our circumstances.  But it can be good to take a step back and just be for a while.  Reflect on what the possibilities are and what opportunities are out there. Some situations are unfixable and you can become very stressed if you try to.


Fixing It!

You don’t have to fix it right now.  When the time is right you will know it.  When the mist clears the path will lay down in front of you and it will be obvious what steps you should take.


Testing it Out

Sometimes it is good to set some goals to test out what is next – these goals really should test the water for whats next.  Doing something is better than doing nothing at all in certain circumstances! Smaller goals can work too.


If you need some help with setting goals or working out when the right time to make goals is, contact me – Kelly@cygnetnortheast.com or 07881294894

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