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Rock it like Wonder Woman and Superman


You’re in a panic! You have been looking for a job for a while and finally you have an interview.  Well never fear, Cygnet Careers are here to help you with what to do next! One of those things is to do the power pose and rock it like Wonder Woman and Superman. This can help you feel more confident, and who doesn’t need a bit of a confidence boost in a situation like this?


A Daunting Time

If you haven’t had an interview before or it’s been a while then it can feel quite daunting.  You might think the questions are designed to trip you up, or that the interviewers have all the power.  This is not the case.  The questions (should) be there to help you tell the company why you are the best person for the job.  The interview is a great way of interviewing the company to see if their values match yours.  It doesn’t always feel like that, especially if you are in a position where you need to find a job to pay the bills due to being out of work or because you’re facing redundancy.  However, if you take a job in a company where the values aren’t a good fit, it won’t be a positive experience for either you or them.


Sell Yourself

A good interviewer will help you feel more relaxed and will ask questions that help you to “sell yourself”.  When I say that I am not referring to street corners or red lights. What I do mean is that you should be given every opportunity to tell them what you have to offer them, what experience you have and what personal qualities make you stand out from other candidates.  Remember not to just tell them how fantastic you are but also to tell them how you are fantastic – what are your achievements.  This can be very difficult as in society many of us have been given the message that we shouldn’t blow our own trumpets.  But in an interview we absolutely must!  It’s not easy if at this time we are in a position where we have a health condition, are being made redundant or are going through some other personal crisis like a divorce.  All of these things can affect confidence and it is usually the time when it all happens, in my experience of working with people for over 20 years.  Many people come to see me when they are losing their jobs and their relationships are falling apart, and as a qualified counsellor I can offer that emotional support as well as the practical advice on how to succeed in the job search.


Everyone Has Something Special to Offer. Everyone.

I believe that every single person in the world has something unique to offer society and I want to allow that something to shine through.


Confidence – Wear Your Best Shoes!

Confidence is key, but I can empathise with you in that situation when you don’t feel confident.  But there are practical steps you can take to help this.  Put on your best clothes, your favourite shoes, do your hair and make up (men – don’t forget your eyeliner!) and do your power pose before you go in.  Think Wonder Woman for women and Superman for men.  Do this for three minutes and repeat as much as you need to.  Get in touch with your power and go and show the world what you’re made of. You owe it to them!


If you need any other help, tips or you have a question – get in touch with Kelly on 07881294894 or email kelly@cygnetnortheast.com

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