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Make the Job Market Work for You

Make the Job Market Work for You


There are many barriers to stop you getting a job and one of them is how you think. If you can think differently you are more likely to get the job you want. We explore some of these thought processes and how to make the job market work for you.

Negative Thinking

There aren’t any jobs! Zero hour contracts are a nightmare! They won’t like me because I am too old / young / fat / thin / over qualified / not experienced enough…. the list is endless and they’re all in your head! Negative thinking like this can get in your way but you can make the job market work for you, if you’re prepared to work hard and jump through a few hoops!


A Job For Life

In the past we expected to leave school with good qualifications, get a job for several decades then retire with a nice gold watch and a big fat pension pot and be missed by all our friends who we worked with all our lives.  But these days its not really like that.  We have short term contracts, zero hours and part time work on offer rather than the full time permanent job we would probably rather be in.



But think about it! You could make this work for you rather than against you.  If you have a zero hour contract, this means that you can refuse to work if you are offered some work you don’t want to do.  If you are at a wedding or a funeral, or you just can’t work on a Saturday because you have childcare responsibilities etc.


Zero Hour Contracts

Of course employers take people on with a zero hour contract as it can save them money, but the downside is that they might be left in the lurch by a lack of commitment at peak times.  And of course an employee needs money to live and pay the bills so you might be thinking that I have completely lost the plot, but bare with me because I do understand all of those anxieties and worries of not having enough money coming in.


Take Control of the Situation

What is to stop you from applying and securing 2 zero hour contracts? Or 3? Or 4? Or even more?  Of course you do need to balance the needs of all of these commitments, but if you are prepared to work hard and commit to your employers you can turn these zero hour contracts into a portfolio of work that suits you and your pocket.  If you are creative and good at time management!


Portfolio Work is the New Black

You could do this with part time work, self employment, zero hour contracts and temporary work.  If one in particular isn’t working out, start applying for something else or try and secure more hours through a different contract.


Stay True to Your Values

In order to make this successful you do need to think about your values in terms of what jobs you are happy to work in and what would go against your ethics, values and priorities.  And you need to make sure you are what your employer(s) need too.  The employer / employee relationship is a two way street and you both need to be happy with each other.


A Range of Work Types

Also if you are self employed portfolio working can be really beneficial for you to keep the wolves from the door.  When you’re self employed and you don’t have regular work coming in and it can be quite uncertain, especially while you are building your business up in the early days.  But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  There is nothing wrong with working part time while there is a down turn in sales through your business, in fact quite the opposite.  It is sensible to diversify your income streams because this way if one doesn’t work out you will have others to fall back on. It may also give you opportunities if the business doesn’t work out. However, your business is your dream so you need to make sure you have enough time and energy left to put into your business and maybe seek some coaching to help your business reach it’s potential.


Quit Complaining and Act!

So instead of moaning that the world of work isn’t how you want it to be, think about how it could work for you.  Be creative, think of solutions not problems and if you get stuck you can always contact us for a little bit of inspiration or help to look for some alternative work streams.


Call Cygnet today on 07881294894 or email kelly@cygnetnortheast.com to explore how we can help you with your negative thought processes.

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