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Are you feeling blue?

Are You Feeling Blue?

Are You Feeling Blue?


Sometimes, when we feel low it is difficult to stay on track.  This is true no matter what is going on in your life.  But it’s particularly hard to deal with when we are looking for work.  This is a time when we need all of our resilience and we need to be able to bounce back even when faced with a continual stream of rejection. Are you feeling blue?

This can leave us feeling like we are worthless and have nothing to offer. It is normal to have these down times, as if we don’t have down times how would we ever appreciate the ups?  It’s OK to have a few days where you are feeling rock bottom, like no-one cares and that you are ready to give up.  As long as it is just a few days and it doesn’t go on and on! If it is for an extended period you need to think about who can help to lift you back up.  Buoyant job seekers are more likely to be successful job seekers.

Personally I find that when I am feeling low, I am able at some point to gain perspective.  Usually this is through hearing of someone else’s struggles as it puts all my own issues into context.  It doesn’t take away the fact that I am having a tough time and it doesn’t make my issues less important just because someone else is having a worse time.  Each person has unique struggles and issues in life that are difficult for them, and if someone is having a tough time who is anyone else to say they are not important.  However, for me it gives me a little nudge to let me know that I’ve moped enough and it’s time to get back on top form.

Every person’s experience is unique and what helps each of us be buoyant is also unique.  Celebrate your uniqueness and find out what helps you when you feel low.  Take some time to notice what you enjoy and what makes you feel low, and this might help next time. If you find you are low for longer than a few days, it might be time to seek help.  If we can help give us a call – 07881294894 or you can use our contact form or email us if you don’t feel up to speaking to anyone just yet – kelly@cygnetnortheast.com

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