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Networking to find work

Networking to Find Work

Networking to Find Work


Job searching online, sending out your CV to prospective employers and looking for jobs in the newspapers are all familiar ways to find work. But have you thought about the power of networking to find work?  Think of all the people you know, and the people they know, and the people they know and it starts to become quite a large circle. It is widely thought that everyone on the planet is just six connections from anyone else. Facebook have done some research and have concluded it is closer to three and a half! Wow!

Networking isn’t asking for a job.  Networking is a conversation.  So it’s something most people do all the time without even thinking about it.  But how about thinking of it in a different way and seeing if you can get in touch with the people or resources that can help you to find work?

Most people want to help others, and if they know, like and trust you they can help you find the people who are looking for what you have to offer.  Of course, in order to do this you need to know what that is, and you need to be able to communicate that to the people you know.

Most people already network on the internet, and of course Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are vital to establish and develop your network.  However, face to face networking is important to engage in too.  There is a whole other dimension that comes into play when we meet people face to face.  We can hear the tone of their voices and we can see their body language and add our own into the mix.

Of course, in order for networking to be positive, it needs to be two sided – you can’t just take all the time and not give anything back.   When you go into a social situation look to see what you can offer the people there.  It might be time, if you’re out of work, it might be some positive or constructive feedback, or it might be that you know the perfect person to help them out.  Ask yourself what you can do to help others and then when you need them they’ll be more likely to help you!

Have you thought about who you can help and who can help you recently?

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