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Over Qualified and Anxious

Over Qualified and Anxious!

Over Qualified and Anxious!


Are you over qualified and anxious? Do you have loads of experience and qualifications but just can’t get a job because of this? Employers are reluctant to take you on in case you leave after a short space of time and it will be expensive to recruit again or maybe they’re worried that you will be ambitious and want the job they have.

So what should you do?  Probably the most obvious answer is to thin out your CV / application form.  However, if you have worked hard to get to the position you are now, you might be quite reluctant to play down what you have achieved because it feels like taking away a part of your history.

It’s important to remember why you are applying for jobs, in this scenario.  Is it that you have decided that you want a job that is less demanding so you can focus your energy in other areas of your life (for example to spend more time with your children or other relatives that need more care).  Or is it that you are about to be made redundant and you need a job yesterday to ensure you can keep food on your table.

In this case the applications are a means to an end, and in practical terms this should be the focus – to get the job, not to massage your ego – harsh as that sounds.  It pays to be realistic in this situation and if you aren’t able to do that then it will probably mean that you will not fulfill your goals.

If you are applying for a job of less status for some other reason, then it’s important to explore this reason and re-evaluate your goals.  You might have been made redundant and feel a bit low in confidence, but don’t need to make as much money as you did before so are applying below the level you have before.  In this case it is good to take stock, take some time out and find some ways to get your mojo back.

Whatever your reasons, if you need more help to set goals and unpick the confusion, contact Kelly on 07881294894 or use our contact form.

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