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What Cygnet Does!

What Cygnet Does!

  • Help with your career- this includes whether you change jobs, stay in your current job, retire, volunteer or fill your leisure time – all of the above. It’s what I can explore with you!
  • Barriers-  I can also help you overcome barriers to changing jobs, staying in your current job, retiring, volunteering or filling your leisure time.  So anything in your life that is impacting on your job – I can help you explore this.  It could be your health, your relationships, confidence or your housing (or something else).
  • Explore – where are you, what are your options, is there anything you haven’t thought about?
  • Challenge – is that realistic? Or are you not exploring an area you could be because fear is holding you back?
  • Support– I am there to listen regardless of what happens. If you realise your son is transgender, your wife has eloped with the milk man, or your dog has been abducted by aliens, I’ve seen it all and very little shocks me now!
  • Empower – I will encourage you and help you see that you do have power – even if you aren’t in control of where your life is heading right now, you do still have choices – and in fact this might be the best opportunity you’ve ever had.
  • Give you a voice– there’s nothing as belittling as not being heard.  I will listen and let you know that you’ve been heard.
  • Unpick complexities – if you are in a complex situation, I can help you unpick it so you can start seeing what your options are rather than keep on going round in circles
  • Practical Job Search Advice and Guidance – I can help you shine the light on your best bits.  This helps you to get your next job, and also helps you to increase your confidence after you’ve had a knock.
  • Building Confidence – You might not be able to see your value, but I can.  No matter what your past is or what pickle you’re in now.  No-one is either all good or all bad.  We are all a combination of both, and I can help you find what you’re good at and the positives in your life so you can start to focus on that.  You get what you focus on, so if you focus on negativity, your life will be a bit awful.  If you feel that your future is full of opportunity, it will be because you will go looking for it.
  • Connect you to other people – There’s nothing like meeting other people who are experiencing a similar situation to yourself for making you feel less alone and more connected.  We run group sessions to help you meet others who are experiencing career transitions. I can also connect you to potential employers.
  • Offer Unconditional Positive Regard – I know life is hard, and it doesn’t always run smoothly.  I’m not here to judge where you went wrong.  I am here to help you move forward.  It’s not helpful to have someone look down their nose at you, so I don’t do that.  No matter what you have done, I won’t behave any differently towards you.  I might tell you your behaviour is unacceptable and I might say that if I am going to work with you, these are the conditions.  But I won’t treat you disrespectfully, no matter what.  Unless you steal my chocolate.  That one is non negotiable!

What I Don’t Do!

  • Tell you what to do.  I can’t tell you what job would be good for you. Especially in the first few hours of meeting you.  How could I possibly?  I can make suggestions for things you might not have thought of, but chances are if you have worked in your industry for a number of years, you know more about it than I do.
  • I don’t have a magic wand.  I can’t always fix it or make it better much as I would love to. But I can listen, and a problem shared is a problem halved.  Sometimes a different perspective on a situation is really helpful.
  • Judge – everyone gets into situations that are sometimes due to mistakes they’ve made or poor decision making.  All of us! So it doesn’t matter to me where you are, I care where you are going and how you will get there, how I can support you, and if that is the right choice for you.
  • I don’t tell you what to do.  I can advise and I can say what my gut instinct is, but if you decide to do the opposite, then that is fine by us – it’s your life not ours.  I’m happy when you are happy!


If you have any questions please do get in touch on 07881294894 or email Kelly@cygnetnortheast.com or fill in our contact us page.

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