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Our latest success story!

Our Latest Success Story

Our Latest Success Story


Meet Rhys, our latest success story.  Rhys didn’t want to go to university after he finished mainstream school and didn’t really know what he wanted to do. However, he was keen to try new opportunities and tried some volunteering and successfully completed an apprenticeship in a local cafe.  However, when this opportunity came to an end he wasn’t sure if being in a kitchen was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. With the help of Cygnet Careers, he began to explore what he might like to get involved in right now, which might or might not be “for the rest of his life!” The rest of your life at the age of 19 is a pretty daunting prospect, and when faced with infinite choices it can be very confusing.  Especially when those choices are not necessarily there for you.  Many recruitment campaigns focus on experience and when you’re young and starting out this can exclude many of the opportunities.
Rhys took our hints, tips and advice in applying for jobs, job search and trying out new things.  He volunteered for Whitley Bay Big Local and for VODA with homeless people and was only out of work for a short time before he rang me to tell me he had been offered a job in Glasgow.   Great work Rhys!  We wish you loads of luck in your new job.
Rhys is also Kelly’s son, so his success is a little bit bitter sweet as she adjusts to a new routine without him in it for a little while! She is brimming with pride for the way he is approaching life, with kindness, consideration and determination.
If we can be of help to you in your job search please get in touch on 07881294894 or email Kelly@cygnetnortheast.com – our first session is free –  you have nothing to lose except your unemployment!

Update – Rhys came back from Glasgow and is now working full time in Newcastle.

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