Our meditation group is friendly and informal and you can come and meet like-minded people in a supportive environment.

Often life gets so busy that we forget to make time for ourselves as we look after our families, husbands, wives and parents. In order to look after others though, we need to nourish ourselves. The old saying is true, You can’t pour from an empty cup! Time to be mindful and in the moment to relax can help us replenish those reserves that we need to carry on being productive on a daily basis. If we don’t take time out we do become ill and exhausted – then we are no good to anyone.

The good news is we don’t need to take a two week holiday to Ibiza to wind down. Just two hours a week can help you to slow down, relax, gather your thoughts and be ready to face the rest of your week.

The group is good for people new to meditation or people who have been to meditation before and takes place on Tuesday evenings in North Shields.

If you have never meditated before there are no expectations on you being able to empty your mind or relax straight away. Sometimes it takes a few goes to be in a place where you are able to switch off – especially if you have been running on empty for some time. A perfectly normal reaction to meditation at first can be resistance, anger or frustration if you find your mind is racing. But if you keep with it you can learn to relax and unwind.

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