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Guided Meditation

A guided meditation for you to enjoy

Guided Meditation can help you to feel more relaxed and in control of your life. Feeling more in control will help you make better decisions and thereby increase your life as well as your well-being and mental health.

The purpose of meditation is to return your mind to your breathing and how your body feels in the moment, keeping your focus away from those things in life that are worrying you or causing you stress.

Often when we feel stressed we will tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, that what will happen is a disaster. Sometimes we catastrophise, which means that we imagine the worst possible outcome for what will happen and then worry about it. This worry does not help us – it’s a little bit like a rocking horse – we use lots of energy moving back and forwards but we ultimately aren’t going anywhere. It doesn’t do you any good and you just end up feeling worse and very negative and depressed.

To counter these thoughts there are several things we can do about them. We can look for positive words and affirmations to change how we think in the longer term. By repeating positive affirmations we are telling ourselves a different story and our minds will start to move into a more positive place. If our minds are in a better place, we will start to behave differently, attracting the positive desires we want into our lives and therefore we will start to get the very thing we want.

The step between being in the negative place and the positive place is to be in a more neutral space. Where we are able to acknowledge the words and phrases that are not working for us – that they exist and are there but they may not be true. From a place of acceptance comes the ability to change – Carl Rodgers said “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” in is book, Becoming a Person.

Meditation can be difficult if you practice on your own. In a group you are more likely to be able to stay on track as you are with others who are also practicing this mindfulness.

If you’d like to join a group of likeminded people, contact us.

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