Reiki (pronounced Rey Key) is a natural, balancing and holistic healing practice which is deeply relaxing and profoundly calming. When you have a Reiki treatment, you are allowing your mind, body, spirit and emotions to balance, restoring your inner natural tendency towards whole body wellness.

Reiki is a Japanese practice that has been around for over 100 years and is made up of two words – Rei which means spiritual, sacred or universal and Ki which means energy, life force or spirit. Its literal translation is spiritual energy.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy, and whilst it is not a substitute for conventional medicine it can be used alongside it to provide a holistic approach to integrated care.

Reiki is gentle, effective and very safe. There are no side effects of using or receiving Reiki. When you have a balanced system your symptoms soften and you are better able to address stressors in your life. As well as supporting physical health it can also benefit your personal development and growth.

Nobody really knows how it works, but we do know that it does even if we don’t understand how. The act of laying hands on the body to comfort and relieve pain is instinctive. Think about what you would do if you stubbed your toe – you’d grab hold of your foot wouldn’t you?

What Can I Expect When I Come for a Treatment?

If you’ve never had a treatment before you might be wondering what to expect and you may have some questions about it.

Reiki can take place either lying down or sitting down. At Cygnet we will practice Reiki using a massage treatment table, so you will be asked to lie down, fully clothed and we will get you as comfortable as we can using pillows and blankets.

There are no rules during Reiki, but you will be invited to close your eyes and then the treatment will begin when you are ready. The treatment involves the practitioners hands being placed on various parts of your body focusing on traditional chakras of the body but also placing hands where ever they are needed.

Reiki is intuitive and the practitioner of Reiki will instinctively know where treatment is needed.

During treatment, it is normal to experience sensations, release emotions, to cough, to see colours, to feel tingling in your body. This is the energy shifting. You may not experience any of these and that is normal too.

At the end of the treatment you will be gently prompted to wake up when you are ready and to sit up slowly and you’ll be invited to have a drink of water.

When you become fully awake you may feel like talking through your experience and how it felt.

If you have any questions about Reiki treatments or you would like to book, please get in touch.